Starting My Weight Loss

Whew! This is a tough one to post. I put up a video about my current weight, reaching my breaking point, and publicly launching my start into weight loss. But there’s a lot more than could fit into an 8 minute video, so I want to elaborate a little more about what I’ve tried and how I’ve gotten to this point.

For the last 4 or so years, I’ve hovered in the 275-290 pound range. I should start by saying I’ve been working with doctors to achieve weight loss for about 6 years now, and am currently a patient at a weight loss clinic run by our university hospital. I have tried phentermine and liraglutide with them. Phentermine made me feel mentally fogged, but hyper, and while it kept me from gaining, it did not result in any loss. Liraglutide worked well for me, but I seemed to top out at 15 pounds loss, and felt my immunity was much lower while I was on it.

The clinic is all encompassing, so I’ve seen their nutritionist and physiologist as well. Their nutritionist was impressed by my food knowledge and understanding of portion sizes, and saw no need for me to continue food coaching. The physiologist gave me a set of resistance band exercises, and admittedly, I never really did them. Exercise just isn’t very fun for me. I have felt like when I am home with free time, I want to be having fun, and sweating it up was not it.

My general diet with them is a 1650ish calorie diet with macros of 50% carbs, 30% fat, 20% protein. The idea is to do 1/2 plate of green vegetables, 1/4 plate protein, and 1/4 healthy carb (like sweet potatoes, carrots, etc). Most days, I hit my protein goal of around 90-100g protein, and come short on carbs. Some of my favorite foods in the world are peas, garbanzo beans/hummus, fish, popcorn, cucumbers, dark chocolate, and peanut butter. My weakness is if I eat breakfast too early, then I end up eating all my meals earlier in the day, and hungry around 8pm. I am also TERRIBLE about eating out and don’t take regard for the health of my lunches or outings with friends.

Previously, I’ve done the paleo diet (gained weight), keto diet (couldn’t keep electrolytes balanced), vegan diet (felt like garbage), high protein diet (didn’t really do anything), and tried things like apple cider vinegar, green tea, and even probiotics in hopes of finding my magic formula. It’s been a series of excitement, disappointment, and abandonment.

I’m absolutely interested in a bariatric surgery, and right now, I am most interested in a gastric sleeve. I’ve done research, read many personal accounts, and listened to podcasts about the before and after, and it sounds like the right tool for me, who needs to lose 100+ pounds to be within a healthy weight range.

I’ve invested in a stationary bike for my home, so I no longer have any excuse for not going to the gym. I don’t want to shower there, it takes too long to come home and shower before work, I don’t like the guy who makes noises, I feel self-conscious, etc, are no longer relevant. All I have to do is wake up, jump on, and then I can continue the rest of my day. As I mentioned in the video, my starting weight is 308 pounds. 20 of those pounds have been in the last 6 weeks, so the pain on my back and joints is terrible. I’m trying so hard to lighten up so that I can really have no excuse, and the only pain is the burning of muscles as I get stronger. I’ve also seen a few YouTube videos that I am really interested in, even if I have to struggle to do the modifiers.

So here’s to a new chapter into my physical health. I’ve done a pretty damn good job of working on my mental health the last few years, and I feel well rested and ready to tackle my physical health.

Whether you’re here to support me or join me, I’m thankful to have you along for the ride.

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