Chills in Chicago

A few short states and an hour flight separates Nashville from Chicago. I’ll take any excuse for a weekend getaway, and Demi Lovato’s Tell Me You Love Me tour schedule was as good of an excuse as any to have one of my ride-or-die girl friends meet me in the Windy City for a quick vacation.

As per usual, Demi’s vocals hit it out of the park. We’ve been long time fans (as in I regularly sing “Shadow” from As the Bell Rings) and seen every tour through all of Demi’s personal highs and lows. She looks stronger than she’s ever been, and she has ramped up the production value on this tour with a great stage and well thought out theatrics.

I’ve always been inspired and impressed by her ability to connect with total strangers. She can make a room full of people feel like they’ve been lifelong friends. Singing aside, that is talent. Some of the stories from her wellness therapy pre-show meetings CAST on Tour have been nothing short of incredible. It makes you feel like a better person to know you’re giving your money to someone that’s using their influencer powers for good.

I was pleased to explore the city more than I ever have on previous trips to Illinois. Molten cheese beckoned me. Seagulls screeched at me. It was lovely.

Wisconsin owns the cheese game. I know I’m from California and ‘happy cows come from California,’ but the Midwest just knows their cheese. Cheddar is brighter orange and a more milky texture, mozzarella is more bouncy and silky, and if Facebook would let me, I’d say I’m in a relationship with it.

I appreciate the opportunity to notice the little things Chicago has to offer, like the tiles on the ground of the Francisco Brown Line CTA station or the copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in the payphone library at Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish pub. Even the centerpiece fixture when I walked into the wrong door of the John Hancock building took me by awe.

No trip for me is ever complete until I get a tiki mug, and while my prescription-induced sobriety wouldn’t let me enjoy a cocktail, Three Dots and a Dash took my heart once again (I have had a drink there before, but forgot to get a mug!).

Though the weather was crisp at best, it was the perfect girls’ weekend. Chicago, I have a new soft spot for you.


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